Importance of Medical Help

Importance of Medical Help

Importance of Medical Help

  • 24 Feb 2023

Men tends to avoid medical help a lot less than women, which can have a huge impact on their longevity and health.

Why is that so?

Answer is Masculinity. The term traditional term refers to as self-reliance, independence, protector and provider and thus, none of these interact with being a help-seeker.

While women consult their doctors more frequently on average than men. It is assumed that they visit to their consultants more for all symptoms and conditions.

Researchers have come around some common reasons that pops around for this troubling trend of men not visiting their doctor.

  • Macho attitude
  • Fear of diagnosis
  • Uncomfortable with examination
  • Avoiding checkup till problem becomes serious
  • Struggling with talking openly


So, partners can encourage doctors visits! It is observed that married men tend to see doctors more often than unmarried men. It is important to convince your partner to get their regular health checkup because many diseases like heart disease, cancers etc can be prevented and treated more effectively if found early. Watch out for him and develop a comfort level so they may leave more willing to make an appointment for themselves. Going with your partner for checkup helps them get a better understanding of what’s being tested and how they can take live a healthy lifestyle.