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Waxx Hot and Cold Pain Relief Bags

Rs.249.00 Rs.599.00

Waxx hot and Cold Pain Relief Reusable Hot Water/Ice Bag for Injuries Pain Relief Device

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Brand: Waxx

Colour: Multicolour


  • MULTIPURPOSE - Used for cold or hot therapy, cold therapy can be used for headache, fever, toothache, sprain, bumps and other sports injuries while hot therapy can be used for muscle pain, sprain, strain & stiffness etc
  • NO LEAK OR MOISTURE - Double layer ensures no leak. The best part is that moisture is sealed so it not as easy to perspire as single layer bag. No more dripping or wet clothes
  • EASY TO USE - For cold therapy, simply fill with ice cubes and a little water to relieve discomfort. For hot therapy, just add some hot water (not boiling) and apply to the needed areas.
  • ALLERGY FREE MATERIAL - Its latex-free material makes it the ideal choice for injuries and other boo boos, sports-related or not. No more dripping and wet clothes, just instant first aid relief.
  • FAST RELIEF - Ideal for application of cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains and strains.